If you are seeking a deeper understanding of Anatomy in relation to Yoga, you have come to the right place. By learning the anatomy of bones, ligaments and muscles, we are able to analyze why a student can or cannot do a certain yoga posture. We can learn to look past the surface of the body and understand anatomy in the context of yoga.

Course Highlight

  • 47 Video Lessons

  • 1 Year Access To Video

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  • YACEP Certification

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What you will learn

  • An in-depth explanation of each key area of the body from a Yoga Anatomy perspective to improve your yoga practice.

  • Understanding body movement science: stretching, strengthening and flexibility through yoga asanas.

  • Understanding Muscle Bone Relationship With Yoga Asana

  • Anatomy And Physiology Of Human Spine, and spinal deformities.

  • Understanding the respiratory system to improve pranayama practice and lung capacity.

  • Chakra And Gland Relationship

  • What is Fascia? How it affects our flexibility.

  • Classification of Joints

  • The 12 body systems

  • Understanding movements of the body.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction of Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

    2. Body Organisation

    3. Fascia

    4. Skeletal System

    5. Skeletal System part 2

    6. Skeletal System part 3

    7. Skeletal System part 4

    8. Skeletal System part 5

    9. How to improve bone health

    10. Spine Anatomy

    11. Spine Anatomy part 2

    12. Spine Anatomy part 3

    13. How to improve thoracic spine flexibility part 1

    14. How to improve thoracic spine flexibility part 2

    15. Lower back problems

    16. Anatomy of sacrum

    17. Sciatia Pain

    18. Types of Spinal demormities

    19. Lordosis , scoliosis

    20. Lordosis , scoliosis part 2

    21. How to keep your spine Healthy

    22. Shoulder Anatomy

    23. Shoulder Anatomy part 2

    24. Shoulder Anatomy part 3

    25. Shoulder opening sequence part 1

    26. Shoulder opening sequence part 2

    27. Shoulder opening sequence part 3

    28. Endocrine System

    29. Connection between glands and chakras

    30. Connection between glands and chakras part 2

    31. Respiratory system

    32. Respiratory system part 2

    33. How to maintain your respiratory system's Health

    34. Digestive system

    35. Digestive system part 2

    36. How to improve your digestive Health

    37. Anatomy of Shathkarma

    38. Anatomy of Shathkarma part 2

    39. Anatomy of Shathkarma part 3

    40. Anatomy of Pelvis

    41. Anatomy of Pelvis part 2

    42. How to improve hip flexibility

    43. Anatomic terminology

    44. Anatomic terminology part 2

    45. Anatomic terminology part 3

    46. Yoga Anatomy and Physiology quiz

    47. Yoga Anatomy Assignment

About this course

  • $55.00
  • 47 lessons
  • 13.5 hours of video content


Yoga Anatomy & Physiology, Mantra chanting Anant Jethuri

Having pursued a masters in Biology followed by a 500 hour YTTC, Anant ji has always had a keen interest in understanding the spiritual and technical aspect of Yoga. His vision is to make a difference in people’s lives, by pushing them to strive towards inner serenity & harmony by way of Yoga. He is able to seamlessly integrate Yoga science with modern sciences, giving his students a new, unique approach.

What Does A Student Get After The Completion Of The Course?


  • What if I have a query while doing this online course.

    Questions are great! If you have a query during the course you can note down it and after you finish the course we will conduct Q&A sessions with the teacher so they can take your questions there.

  • Will I get any certification upon completing this online course.

    Yes, you will get a YACEP certificate upon completing this online course.

  • What if I am not sure if I want to become a teacher or not?

    That’s completely fine, as long as you are serious about learning, we are happy to invite you to this course.

  • Is it necessary to be a yoga teacher to do these courses.

    No, it's not mandatory to be a yoga teacher to do these courses, you can do these courses to get personal health benefits also.

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