Course Introduction

If you want to understand yoga alignment with its reasons to perform in a certain way for one student and different for another and offer a precise adjustment that can help your students to go deeper into pose to improve their flexibility then this course is for you.

Course Highlight

  • 22 Video Lessons

  • 1 Year Access To Video

  • Start the course anytime and study from anywhere in the world

  • Compatible On Laptop, Mobile , TV

  • 100% online 100% traditional

  • YACEP Certification

What you will learn

  • The detailed alignment of each pose.

  • Props uses: Using physical props to support postural understanding, enhance the benefits of the pose and facilitate Alignment.

  • The art of adjustment: how to adjust your students safely during the class.

  • The modifications of poses

  • The preparatory technique to improve your alignment and develop strength and flexibility.

  • Understanding the connection between muscle memory and postural alignment.

  • SAT( self-adjustment tools/techniques): a yoga teacher or student should know how to adjust them first, we will be teaching small key techniques which give you an observation to align yourself by your own.

  • A functional and scientific approach of aligning, assisting and adjusting.

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Alignment & Adjustment Intro

    • Samasthiti part 1

    • Samasthiti part 2

    • sun salutation part 1

    • sun salutation part 2

    • Triangle pose

    • Revolving triangle part 1

    • Revolving triangle part 2

    • Side angle pose

    • Plank pose

    • Chaturanga Dandasana

    • Chair Pose

    • tree pose

    • wide leg forward fold

    • Downward Facing Dog

    • Headstand part 1

    • Headstand part 2

    • utthita hasta padangusth asana part 1

    • utthita hasta padangusth asana part 2

    • Forward bend

    • Cobra pose

    • Seated Spinal Twist

What Does A Student Get After The Completion Of The Course?


  • What if I have a query while doing this online course.

    Questions are great! If you have a query during the course you can note down it and after you finish the course we will conduct Q&A sessions with the teacher so they can take your questions there.

  • Will I get any certification upon completing this online course.

    Yes, you will get a YACEP certificate upon completing this online course.

  • What if I am not sure if I want to become a teacher or not?

    That’s completely fine, as long as you are serious about learning, we are happy to invite you to this course.

  • Is it necessary to be a yoga teacher to do these courses.

    No, it's not mandatory to be a yoga teacher to do these courses, you can do these courses to get personal health benefits also.

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